Because every day is a school day

At SDI, we understand that dental professionals strive to ensure they know about the very latest techniques, materials and equipment. Take a closer look at our recent instructional video on how best to use riva in a practice setting. More videos are to be posted soon.

Easy Activation technology now available with Riva Self Cure and Riva Light Cure

Professor Raman Bedi introduces an animation about the benefits of SDF

SDF and redefining dentistry, with Prof Raman Bedi with Dr Andrew Osafo

SDF webinar presented by Prof Raman Bedi and Dr Andrew Osafo

The SDI podcast with Dr Andrew Osafo - BDS Dip Sed FIADFE

Children and Laura the dentist explain all about Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride – Transforming Community Dental Caries Programmes

SDI riva star (silver fluoride potassium iodide)

Webinar – Watch a discussion about the benefits of SDF and Riva Star, chaired by Professor Raman Bedi.

SDF and Riva Star webinar